2 Monate

Bin jetzt schon seit zwei Monaten hier. Die Zeit vergeht so schnell! Und hier hab ich auch immer so einen festen Rythmus, Schule, Volleyball, Freunde :) Jedes Wochenende mache ich eigentlich irgendwas und sei es auch nur Lebenmittel einkaufen gehen. Letztes Wochenende bin ich mit Freunden zum Bowlen und Pool spielen gegangen, danach sind wir in einem Cafe Eis essen gegangen (im Charley's ich LIEBE es dort einfach!) und danach Abendessen in irgendeinem Supermarkt, ich glaub es war Hy Vee :)
Am Abend sind wir ins Kino und haben uns den Film Courageous angeschaut. Der war gar nicht mal so schlecht aber irgendwie total religioes :) War noch mit einigen anderen Austauschschuelern da und die meinten der Film waere zu amerikanisch?! AHH, mein deutsch ist so schlimm geworden, ich moechte eigentlich in Englisch schreiben :) Ausserdem hab ich grad keine deutsche Tastatur...
Well, okay I will just start to write in English again. That weekend was just awesome, I have to get the pictures from Laura to post them, but I don't have them yet.
And guess what! This weekend is my birthday and I'm gonna have a big sweet sixteen party! My host family already organized and planned like EVERYTHING before I even arrived! Isn't that amazing of them? They just make me speechless sometimes! They care so much about me and do so many things for me, letting me staying here and they give me more than I could ever have expected!
The party is gonna be so big I think, we have about 50 guests and maybe there will be even more! I am getting so excited and by the way it is the 13th birthday party of my host brother as well, we will have a DJ and everything! Omg, just writing about it making me getting excited again.
What else? Well yesterday we had a Volleyball Game and we all were our Pink shirts because of the breast cancer week. That was amazing :)
By the way I am sitting in school at the moment and the last period is almost done. As I have Apex classe, I am ahead of all the stuff at the moment  so I thought I have to write a new post :)
I wish I could post some pictures right now but I have to wait :)
I should write more regularly but there is so much stuff going on right now. Oh and if you guys have questions or want me to write about something more specific then just ask and don't hesitate :)
This post is such a mess, I just wrote all the stuff that came to my mind. Next post will be better, I promise! I have to get ready for Volleyball practice now. :)
Volleyball is getting so hard and we still have a little bit over two weeks left! It is kind of fun but I've never have been a girl who LOVES sport that much and two hours every day of running and sweating are actually not really what I am. But I am glad that I decided to do it though. Well I will hopefully post to u guys soon again. Sorry for my bad English AND German :)

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