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It is sometimes hard to try to have two lives. One back in Germany and one here in the US.
But I want to give you a good insight in the US lifestyle with this blog, so I will try to give you more details about what I have experienced so far.
School is actually kind of easy. It is not like you don't have to work at all but if you once know how it works it is pretty easy to follow, well or it is at least here at Henry High School.
In English III we write lots of little essays, we take tests every week but there are mainly just multiple choice questions or short answers required. We learn a lot about the Natives and old American History, it is kind of interesting and more fun than I thought I could have!
Spanish I is an APEX class, that means I have to learn everything by myself on the Internet. Once you understood how it works it is actually pretty easy. You have a time schedule which reminds you when you have to be done with what section and you are taking your quizzes online, there are some assignments which you have to give to your teacher. As we don't have a real Spanish teacher in our school, our "APEX-teacher" correct it with a given solution. There are also some discussions you can do with others that have the same APEX class and there are also spoken assignments.. you actually have to record yourself speaking Spanish but we don't really do it because it is not school required. :)
The next class I have is Health Science. It is called Multi class, because different students from many different schools are going there to take specific classes that are offered, for example cooking, architecture, photography and many others, I took Health Science which is actually Medicine. It is pretty fun you practice on your classmates and learn a lot of stuff. But it is actually the hardest class for me because it is lots of work to do. Every week there is a new unit and then you have to take a test about it. But it is worth it and I am glad I took it, I think I will switch into cooking the 2nd semester though because that really sounds like lots of fun. Laura, the Belgium exchange student took it and she can always tried what they made, it sounds awesome :)
After that we have lunch. It is pretty good actually not that bad as I first thought.
Then I have Pre-calculus, it is also an APEX class, and it is a good review for me before I get back to Germany, it is not only stuff I already had but also some new things and it is not that easy to do but our "APEX teacher" is also Maths teacher, so he can luckily help me with everything.
The next class is American History and I am supposed to take it. It is all about (surprise) American history and it is interesting, we learned about the Civil War, Reconstruction and everything. In this class you take tests weekly too and by the way, each class room has an active board. They are pretty cool connected to the computer of your teacher and like a really big touch screen.
After that I have Study Hall which means I can work on my APEX classes or do homework for my other classes.
The relationship between teachers and students is different, it is more personal and almost on a "friendship level". The teachers talk about their private life, their hobbies, what they like to do and they really seem  to care about the students.
I finally also found some friends here, mainly through volleyball and stuff like that. But I still miss some friends in Germany also it is hard to keep everything like it was before I left. It is so difficult sometimes...

What else? I don't know what else to write right know, I should really get some more pictures but I lost my flash drive... So I have to get the pictures from Laura another time and my pictures are at home right now...
Oh yeah I am in school by the way. Study Hall, I am ahead of my assignments in APEX more than one week and I have no homework to do.. Everything else on the Internet is blocked so I thought I could do a post. Oh and the weather here is getting warmer again, the last few days were cold but now we can experience a little more of summer again. And last weekend I did Vietnamese food for my host family, seemed like they liked it but I wonder if they would say if they didn't ;)
Pictures will come afterwards...
And I helped to repaint our house, it is blue now, ..  ;) It was pretty much of fun!
Well, I have to go to American History now and then leaving early for Volleyball today. We have an away game and it is about 2 hours away! So I will probably be home about midnight today... And tomorrow is homecoming in Florence that is the other school we to sports together.. Maybe I will go there too...
Huh, that was pretty long, hope you could understand everything.. I don't really thing my English has gotten much better it is just,.. well it is easier for me now to talk and write in English because I don't think so much about it anymore...
Well, have to go now..
xoxo <3

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