Back home

I know I didn't write, I was SO busy the last weeks and SO enjoying my last days that I didn't had time. I'm back home now.. It's a weird feeling I can't describe it. Before I left I wrote a little text, I think it's the best to describe how I felt...


As I am sitting here surrounded by my halfway packed suitcases I finally start to realize that my time in the US is about to end. All the fears, panics, doubts, goodbyes and tears seem like they are nothing compared to the bittersweet feeling that I have been carrying around with me for weeks now. Stuck between the excitement to finally see my family and friends again, all those people that were always standing behind me and support me, going through every step and decision I made and then on the other side the dark unknown, build of having to say "bye" to people that were strangers, people that became part of your daily life, people that you learned to love, people that are now weaved in as basic parts of your future and which you will always need, friends that make you laugh everyday, cheer you up and with which you could share everything but yet not knowing when exactly you will be back to once again join their laughters and crazy actions.. In some ways it's harder to turn around this time at the airport and making the step back towards a new and old world… I am going back with many experiences and memories that I will cherish and keep forever, they define me and are part of my personality now and I am very grateful that I was given this chance to set off on an unique adventure like this. Haha, South Dakota..it's not the middle of nowhere, it's the middle of waking up every morning and discovering things that were weird and unusual for me at first and CONFUSING! But which became so normal now that I can't even tell the difference from what I was used to…I will miss everything here! From simple things like the yellow school busses and lockers to unlimited texting (!! haha) to all the amazing people that made my time unforgettable. The months just flew by, it doesn't seem like almost a year has passed.  And it's not the end because I am coming back, you guys are not going to get rid of me that easily ;). I will be back, and until then I will try to keep in touch.
Looking back,… I don't regret a single thing, I would always decide to leave and discover the world, new people and cultures. It's a world without any borders, as long as there are people that are making you feel welcome and also people back home that are not forgetting you no matter how far away you are. So Germany get ready, I promised you guys I won't be gone for too long :D And to the US, it's amazing, I can't find words for the past few months, just incredible…

“I do not say goodbye. I believe that's one of the bullshitiest words ever invented. It's not like you're given the choice to say bad-bye, or awful-bye, or couldn't-care-less-about-you-bye. Everytime you leave, it's supposed to be a good one.” 
― John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson



  1. es ist unglaublich, alle die ein auslandsjahr gemacht haben, egal wie verschieden, haben meist genau das gleiche gefühl, wie du oben beschrieben hast! als ich den text gelesen habe, fühlte ich mich für einen moment wieder "back home in the states...that i learned to love as well"

  2. aww, aber dass beruhigt auch, die gewissheit man macht dass nicht allein durch ;) i know i am back and i miss the US so badly, it's crazy...

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    Und super wäre noch wenn du bei deinen Abonnenten, Freunde, Familie...Werbung dafür machen würdest-denn jede Stimme zählt :)

    Dankeschöön schon mal im voraus

    PS. Habe auch einen Blog vielleicht können wir ja gegenseitig Werbung machen :) :