Time is RUNNING!

Oh my gosh, i can't realize how fast time goes by. I know you all are probably sick and tired of reading it again and again. But seriously right now I am completely adujusted to life here. I found such good friends, I can deal with school perfectly and I just love it here. And in four months everything I fought for is over? I guess everything has to come to an end. But right now I am kind of freaking out! Yes, became more independent, grown up and mature during my time here but at the same time I have freedom I never had before. The school pressure is gone, stress is less... I also miss lots of things back home, of course I do it is part of me but right now what would I give to be able to stay for a few weeks longer? I mean yeah I am trying to come back, maybe for college, to visit anyway but it will never be the same. Never with the same people again and never in high school! AHHHH!! Ok sorry my mood was very very nostalgic but I think it is just the fear that coming back home, means fully concentrating on school and graduaing, doing my driver's license, applying for university and everything will get so serious.. Oh well, I will do it somehow, somehow it will work out and I will be looking back, smiling and thinking about my amazing time here, maybe also smiling about my fears I had and all the worries but hopefully mainly being proud of what you were able to do. Everything will be fine, I am pretty much an optimist :)

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